E-cards for Patients

We are pleased to offer this e-card service to your hospitalized friend or loved one. We will need the patient's name, hospital room number (if known) and physical address (to make sure this is the correct person). We also require your full name, physical address, phone number, and email address.

Please note that due to hospital privacy policies, if a patient "opts out" and chooses not to be listed in the hospital directory, we will not have access to any information about him or her, including his or her name or location in the hospital. Therefore, we are unable to deliver messages to patients who have opted out of the directory. Should a patient wish to change his or her status and opt into the directory (by informing his or her nurse and completing a form), he or she would be added to the patient directory and we would then be able to deliver an e-card to him or her.

How our service works:
  • Messages received by 10 a.m. will be delivered by 5 p.m. on the next business day. After 10 a.m., the message will take one additional day for delivery.
  • Messages received after 10 a.m. Friday will not be delivered until the following Monday.
  • Messages will be delivered Monday - Friday only.
  • Messages will be physically handled by several people (Print Shop, Public Relations, volunteers). Therefore, messages should not contain any private or confidential material.
  • Messages will be checked for appropriateness, and may not be delivered if they contain inappropriate messages
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