Fast Web Check-In

Please read these important instructions before completing the form below:

DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE IF YOU HAVE ANY OF THE FOLLOWING : Severe life or limb threatening illnesses or injuries should go directly to the nearest hospital emergency department or stop right now and call 911. For example: conditions such as but not limited to, chest pain, acute shortness of breath, profuse bleeding, slurred speech, confusion, bleeding with pregnancy and severe abdominal pain etc.

This system can only be used between the hours of 8am and 2pm.

How it works:

  • You will sign in using the form below.
    Please make sure the information you give us is accurate especially a working phone number.

  • Our receptionist will call you within 15 minutes of your entry to get some more detailed information.

    If you do not receive a call in 15 minutes please call the location to which you have registered:
    Convenient Care at Cortland (607) 756-7200 or
    Convenient Care at Ithaca (607) 274-4150 (Temporarily Closed)

  • At that time they will either have you report directly to the clinic or you will wait until you are called back to come in to the clinic.

  • Please let us know how long it will take you to travel to our clinic so we can better estimate a time for you to come in.
    Please understand that this is just an estimate and we cannot predict the development of medical emergencies which will always take precedence in line.

  • Once you arrive please see the receptionist and they will get your insurance information, a copy of your license, and your signature as permission to be treated.

  • At this point you will either have a short wait in the waiting room or you will be directed right to an exam room and the nurse will come in to begin your care.

  • If you arrive later than 15 minutes of your expected arrival time you will lose your place in line.

Please note: Due to unusually high volumes, we temporarily may not be able to accept all fast web check-ins at this time.

* I have read, understand and agree to the above Instructions:

On-Line Patient Pre-Registration System

Please select a location: Ithaca (services temporarily suspended for this location)     Cortland


*First Name:

*Last Name:


*Telephone Number:

*Estimated Travel
  Time to Clinic:


Each individual patient that requires medical care must complete a
FAST WEB CHECK-IN pre-registration.


Terms and Conditions

Your FAST WEB CHECK-IN pre-registration does not constitute the beginning of a clinic/physician and patient engagement and is not a guarantee of care. The patient engagement will be formalized at our reception window when registration is finalized.

A FAST WEB CHECK-IN pre-registration places a potential patient into the waiting line. Once a patient presents their FAST WEB CHECK-IN pre-registration confirmation, the registration process will be completed at the reception window. The receptionist will instruct you when to arrive at the clinic. This is an estimation based on current projected wait times. We can not predict, in advance, the number of patients who will register for care or the nature of the illness or injury that will require treatment. Therefore, you may still have a short wait in our waiting room once you arrive.

Your FAST WEB CHECK-IN pre-registration is valid only for the day you submit it. If you do not attend the clinic on that day, your registration will be cancelled.

Some medical services or medical care is not provided or cannot be provided at our clinics. Patients may be referred to the hospital or specialists to receive care.

Your FAST WEB CHECK-IN pre-registration is subject to the entire website Terms of Use listed under the link located at the bottom of this page.


I have read, understand and agree to the Terms and Conditions:


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